Top 5 Stalk And Chase Scenes Of The Franchise

One of the things the franchise is built on is the ability to effectively portray the tension and dread necessary to suck the audience into a good stalk and chase scene. There have been numerous types of these scenes in the Friday The 13th films that have delighted the fans all over the world. There are however, those few scenes that always stand out and set themselves above the rest.

Below are a few of the scenes that should make every fan cheer and have a great big smile on their face while watching the films late at night! See if you agree with how we rank our top five stalk and chase scenes.

5. Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood
    Maddy And Jason In The Tool Shed

I know what you’re thinking. Are you serious? The New Blood? Yes, there were not a lot of scary moments in this film, but there are a ton of awesome kills, and in particular, one very tense scene that is still very effective today. It might be the fact that you know Jason is fully aware of this girl on the other side of the wall as you see her frozen with fright as Jason creeps ever so closely towards her, but this quick scene still captures a lot of tension!

4. Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6
    Paula Being Stalked By Jason

In a film filled with winks and nods to the Friday the 13th franchise, and slashers in general, this one scene with Paula was definitely the most intimate and tense encounter Jason had with any of the victims in this film. When Paula stands up after kissing the little girl good night and Jason is seen staring down at both of them, it sent chills down many of the audience's neck!

3. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
   Opening Stalk And Slash Of Agent Marcus

Adam Marcus and Dean Lorey said that they wanted to create the ultimate Jason stalk and slash scene for this movie and they really did a great job of pulling all of the essential elements together to give the fans the best opening scene in the franchise.

2. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter
    Tommy and Trish Survive Jason

This could be the number one chase if not for the crazy benchmark set by Chris Higgins' scene in the previous film. Tommy and Trish survive countless attacks by Jason and dish out and equal amount of their own attacks to finally put down Mr. Voorhees for good, or so we thought.

1. Friday The 13th Part 3
    Jason Chasing Chris Higgins

Many fans hail the end chase scene as the ultimate stalk and slash scene and I think I have to agree. The Filmmakers could have made a whole separate movie out of Jason chasing Chris around Higgins Haven. The segment lasts almost 15 minutes, maybe more. The end chase scene of Part 3 really set the tone for the violence and scares for the future sequels in the series.

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