'Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday' Comic Book Shown In Videos

While I am comic book collector, I never got to read nor purchase a copy of Topps Comics' adaptation of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday.

While I was also a Friday the 13th fan at the time of its release, I was not interested in buying the said comic book as I was focused on superheroes. And to the best of my memory, there was not a single comic book specialty store that I visited (8 stores in total) that actually had Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday comic books on their shelves.

Having seen Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday on Laserdisc in the summer of 1994, I found it to be boring and hard to relate with in connection with the many other Friday films I enjoyed.

Regardless, I found these videos about the comic book mini-series that should interest those of you who love Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Credits go to the Youtube channel Friday The 13th Network.