That Confusing, Dream Filled Ending Of Friday The 13th: A New Beginning

The earlier Friday the 13th films always wanted to leave the audience with one final jump scare and usually a film's ending was rolled out in the form of a dream sequence. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning was no different and employed that tactic in what seems to be multiple instances for the ending of the film.

It has been long debated as to how many dream sequences actually exist for the finale of A New Beginning. Of course, there is the initial dream where Tommy Jarvis seems to kill Pam with a machete while laying in his hospital bed. After the dream, Tommy awakes in fear and stares at the end of his bed. This is where fans become divided on what actually transpires.

As Tommy stares at the end of his bed, he sees Jason Voorhees materialize, bloodied from his demise in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. He nods at Jason with a smirk and Mr. Voorhees fades into thin air. Tommy then proceeds to get out of bed and opens a drawer which contains his clothes and Roy’s hockey mask. At this point is Tommy dreaming, or did the cops really let him keep police evidence in the form of Roy's hockey mask?  Was he dreaming of Jason or did he just see a vision of the killer because he is certifiably insane?

Finally, there is the final moment where Pam enters Tommy's hospital room to see the window broken and wonders where Tommy has gone. Suddenly, the door closes behind her and Tommy emerges wearing Roy's hockey mask and holding a butcher knife. Is Tommy dreaming of killing Pam again, or is the audience to believe the hospital staff left a butcher knife in the room as well?

The ending to A New Beginning is almost as confusing as the finale of Friday The 13th Part 2 and has been a popular topic within the Friday The 13th community for many years. How did Tommy end up with the hockey mask in his room and why was he able to get it into the hospital in the first place. Was the ending with the final reveal of Tommy with the knife another dream sequence, or did he really don the hockey mask to kill poor Pam?
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