Shooting Schedule: Jason On Fire In The Rave Scene In 'Freddy vs Jason'

The rave scene in Freddy vs Jason is one of the main climactic moments in the film that showcases Jason Voorhees going on a long overdue murder spree. A lot of work went into preparing the scene which would feature numerous extras, a long burn stunt and lots of beer!

A few years ago, Mario Kirner (who owns the Friday the 13th Props Museum) shared with us a portion of the shooting schedule that he obtained from the film. The day is outlined in the photos below and takes place during the moment when Jason is on fire and chasing the kids. All of the particulars needed for the scene are mapped out, including the actual shooting location, characters involved in the scene and props.

On the shooting schedule for the rave scene, you will notice prosthetics and props listed that would be utilized in the scene, including DJ turntables, beer bongs, various pyro materials and of course the infamous goalie mask and machete. On the left side of the sheet, you can see the main cast members needed for the rave shooting, including two Jason's! One is the credited Jason Voorhees actor, Ken Kirzinger, and the other is the stunt Jason.

The stunt Jason was portrayed by Glen Ennis and he was charged with the challenging task of performing the long burn stunt which has Jason walking through the cornfield on fire. It is an awesome moment in the film and one that is fun to watch over and over again. Take a look at the rest of the list on the shooting sheet and see of there is any other items that pique your interest!

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