Own Rick's Volkswagen Beetle From Friday The 13th Part 3!

We're always on the lookout for cool Friday The 13th collectibles and we may have found one of the best ever made! If you're a fan of the original Friday The 13th film, you are aware that finding anything collectible from the third film in the franchise is hard to come by. Well, we were just informed of an awesome die cast replica of Rick's Volkswagen Beetle from Friday The 13th Part 3!

The replica car is a spitting image of the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, which also was seen in Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6! The die-cast car is made by Greenlight Collectibles and is part of their Series 9 Hollywood car line. If you're looking for a one of a kind collectible from Friday The 13th Part 3 that is very affordable to own, this is for you.

The car was released for retail last month and can be found in any number of stores along with Amazon and eBay. For more on GreenLight Collectibles, visit their website at www.greenlighttoys.com