BRACKET CHALLENGE: Round 1, Chuck vs Bill Freeburg

The Friday The 13th Bracket Challenge puts the iconic characters of the franchise against one another in a elimination contest where fans vote on who wins and who loses.....their limbs. There will be two match-ups added to the website each week and fans can decide on who they would like to see advance to the next round by adding your vote in our Comments section below. Voting ends every Saturday with results posted every Sunday.

Results of the game can be tracked at our Bracket Challenge Page at any time.



Chuck is the pot smoking boyfriend of Chili who joins the group of Chris Higgins to take a weekend trip to the lake in Friday The 13th Part 3. He spends his time smoking weed, sleeping, and pondering why Chili never screams loud when they have sex. In the end, Chuck experiences the electricity of Jason Voorhees while investigating the breaker box in the cellar of the house.

Bill Freeburg is the pot smoking high school stoner who lives in Freddy Krueger's town of Springwood in Freddy vs Jason. He organizes the cornfield rave to help allieviate the stress of local high school kids being killed off and of course to drink and smoke the weed. Ultimately, Freeburg suffers Jason's machete blade after swallowing down the Freddy worm. Sound strange? It is.

Which one will win this knock down drag out fight? Make sure to vote in the Comments Section below!