Pamela And Jason Voorhees Mego Figures Revealed For NECA SDCC Exclusive

We reported back on Friday The 13th of March that NECA would be producing a brand new 1/6 scale figure of not only Pamela Voorhees, but young Jason as well to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Friday The 13th. The mother/son combination will be sold together in a double pack and since then, fans and collectors have been anxiously awaiting for a chance to see the completed figures and possibly the packaging. Now we have our first look, courtesy Ari Lehman's (Young Jason in Friday The 13th 1980) Facebook Page.

Ari wrote a very fitting and heartfelt message about Betsy Palmer and the passion of the Friday The 13th fans. We encourage everyone to read his Facebook post.

UPDATE: The Set will be priced at $50, links for purchase will be revealed next week.

Both Pamela and young Jason Voorhees are going to be SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) exclusives this July and will have a limited amount of figures available online to purchase during the event in San Diego. We'll let everyone know more about the online sales of the figure as the convention draws near. What do you think of the new Pamela and Jason figures?