Freddy vs Jason Announced For Halloween Horror Nights!

We had heard rumblings back in 2012 that Universal Studios' ultra popular Halloween Horror Nights attraction was seriously considering creating a Freddy vs Jason themed maze, but it had not materialized up until this point. Although I thought the California theme park would get the horror team-up, it looks as though the Florida destination will be bringing us the fight of the century!

Halloween Horror Nights 25 begins September 18th and Freddy and Jason will force you to face your fears. For more info, check out their website and watch the announcement video below.

From Halloween Horror Nights
The first portion of the maze features “all Jason” and his various kills. Fans of the brand will recognize many of the scare scenes from the movie franchise.

The second portion focuses on Freddy as guests are transported to Elm Street through the dream realm, said Aiello.

“He’s going to affect you in all the ways Freddy does,” he said.

The maze ends with guests caught in the middle of a Freddy-and-Jason fight, complete with machetes and Freddy’s knive glove flying, as the pair battle it out to a grusome, bloody end.

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