Fan Film: Jason Voorhees vs Scorpion (Mortal Kombat Style)

Fan made films and web series have carried the Friday The 13th films for nearly two decades online between the releases of official films in theaters. As technology improves and availability of equipment becomes easier to obtain, the quality of fan projects has become truly amazing to watch. Last October, the WTFLOL group debuted their Slasher series featuring Jason Voorhees vs Sarah Connor from The Terminator franchise. It was an awesome character mash-up and offered some fun and violent moments. Now they are back with Jason once again, this time facing off Mortal Kombat style against gamer favorite Scorpion!

Check out the short video below and let us know what you think of the film. Make sure to visit the WTFLOL Facebook page for more info on their other projects and give them a Like!

We're a few friends that grew up in 80's, when action flicks were still rated "R", Nintendo ruled the world, and Saturday mornings were a religion. Our mission is simple: to keep producing the kind of off the wall skits and tributes that we would want to see. Comment, subscribe, share, and give us your feedback! We'll keep cranking em' out as long as you guys keep watching em'!

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