Slash/Up Episode 1: Sarah Connor Versus Jason Voorhees Debuts Online

The final trailer for the new web series Slash/Up went live a few weeks ago from the WTFLOL group as they have been preparing to release their inaugural episode since this past March. The hard work has paid off as their web series debut, Episode 1 Sarah Connor versus Jason Voorhees, has now officially debuted tonight and it is a total blast. There are a lot of fun homages for both the Friday The 13th and Termionator franchises, but just remember, it takes more than the mother of the future to take down Jason Voorhees. Look for a funny cameo to join the festivites towards the end of the episode.

Make sure to visit the Facebook Page for more about WTFLOL and help support their second episode which will put Neo from The Matrix films versus Freddy Kreuger. Watch the first episode below and afterwards, check out the making of featurette to see how it all went down. Let us know what you think in the comments below!



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