New Betsy Palmer Interview/Documentary 'Life In Her Own Words' Is A Fitting Tribute To Her Life

Last night, everyone learned that the sensational Betsy Palmer passed away last Friday at the age of 88. Although it is a sad time for her friends, family, and adoring fans, Betsy lived a spectacular life and had a wonderful career on film and on stage. As our readers mourn as well as celebrate her life, it is fitting that not that long ago a fascinating interview with Betsy was filmed and recently made available on Vimeo titled Life In Her Own Words.

The interview was conducted by Director S. Shane Marr and lasts a little over an hour as the veteran actress chronicles her life and career while talking directly to the camera. It is an intimate experience and what I feel to be a nice tribute to Betsy's life. Please watch a few snippets of the interview below and if you are interested, please buy or rent the film to view the piece in its entirety.

From the Director
After becoming friends with Betsy Palmer, I had the privilege of hearing many of her fascinating stories about Hollywood, her career and her life. I thought that many people might never have the opportunity to spend time with her in conversation.
So I invited Betsy to do a simple interview that is as close to an actual conversation as I could possibly make it. I used no music, very little camera movements and as few edits as possible in hopes that everyone could experience Betsy Palmer as though chatting with her over a cup of coffee.