BRACKET CHALLENGE: Round 1, George Winter (Gramps) vs Abel

The Friday The 13th Bracket Challenge puts the iconic characters of the franchise against one another in a elimination contest where fans vote on who wins and who loses.....their limbs. There will be two match-ups added to the website each week and fans can decide on who they would like to see advance to the next round by adding your vote in our Comments section below. Voting ends every Saturday with results posted every Sunday.

Results of the game can be tracked at our Bracket Challenge Page at any time.


George Winter is the grandfather of Reggie the Reckless and works at the Pinehurst Halfway House in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. Gramps spends his days cooking for the staff and delinquents at Pinehurst as well as trying to keep Reggie out of trouble, that includes his brother Demon. Unfortunately, George's good will is rewarded with a gruesome death of eyes being gouged out, presumably by hedge clippers.

Abel is Crystal Lake's second Prophet of Doom in the franchise and sets out to warn the kids of Higgins Haven in Friday The 13th Part 3. Abel sleeps on dirt roads most days carrying a human eye ball and tries to warn Chris, Shelly and the gang of their impending doom if they continue to the lake. Abel is one of the few secondary characters to survive Jason Voorhees to go and show more people his eye ball.

Which one will win this knock down drag out fight? Make sure to vote in the Comments Section below!

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