Top 5 Shocking Scenes Of 'Friday The 13th' (1980)

Friday The 13th 1980 is one of the most beloved films in the franchise and continues to be a majority fan favorite. The film introduced mainstream audiences to a summer camp Horror film and helped launch what would be known as the slasher genre in Hollywood. At the time of its initial release, Friday The 13th contained many scenes found to be quite shocking, which furthered the films success at the box office. Knowing this, we thought it would be fun then to list the Top 5 Shocking Scenes in Friday The 13th 1980!

5. Crazy Ralph In The Pantry

Ralph had already tried to warn Annie in town early in the film that Camp Crystal Lake was cursed. However, he must have felt that his warning was not good enough and decided to ride his bike all the way out to camp to warn the other counselors of their impending doom. In our number five shocking moment of the Friday The 13th 1980, Ralph shockingly appears in the pantry of the main cabin as Alice attempts to put pots away.

Ralph's emergence from inside the cabin is surprising and quite unexpected and all the while he continues to spout off more warnings about the camp and that he is a messenger of God. It's an unsettling scene and kept you wondering if Ralph was the killer.

4. Marcie And the Outhouse

Even when audiences were watching this film in theaters for the first time in 1980, most everyone knew that once Marcie and Jack finished having sex and she left to go to the outhouse, she was pretty much a goner. However, the scenario in which she was killed and the brutal aftermath of the attack are what got Marcie's death into our Top 5 of this list.

As Marcie begins washing up at the sink in outhouse, she hears a noise coming from the shower stalls. As she creeps over to investigate that area, a shadow of an axe is raised behind in the background and is thrust towards her. The audience does not know immediately what has happened as the death blow occurs off-camera. The gruesome aftermath, however, reveals a horrible fate for Marcie as she has an axe buried into her face. Reactions of new viewers even today are of complete disbelief.

3. Jack And The Bunk Bed

Just as we mentioned in our number four ranked shocking moment in Friday The 13th 1980, once Jack was left by Marcie in the cabin, we all knew he was going to die in some sort of fashion. What happened to poor Jack was completely unexpected and the first particularly gruesome death in the film.

As Jack lays in the bottom bunk bed smoking weed, blood drips onto his forehead from the top bunk where the corpse of his friend Ned resides. As Jack wipes the blood away, a hand wraps around his head from below the bed to hold him in place while an arrow is thrust through his neck, blood spitting outward onto his chest and face. The scene was so disturbing and shocking that there were a number of people viewing the film that walked out of the theater.

2. Bill's Reveal At The Generator

Towards the end of the film, Mrs. Voorhees turns off the generator that powered the lights of the camp which forces Bill to go investigate and see if the machine ran out of gas. He leaves Alice behind in the cabin which signified one or both characters were eventually going to die.

One of the last scenes of Bill alive shows him checking the generator then cutting away to Alice waking up in a frenzy, wondering where Bill had gone. Alice goes outside and walks the path to the generator to only find Bill's lantern and rain slicker, but he is nowhere to be found. A frustrated Alice slowly closes the door to the building that houses the generator and suddenly Bill's corpse is revealed attached to the door with his throat cut and multiple arrows penetrating his body! This shocking reveal was very unexpected, but the brutality of how his body is displayed and the location of one of his wounds is unsettling.

1. The Boy In The Lake

One of, if not, the best jump scare in cinematic history, the ending of Friday The 13th 1980 shocked audiences around the world. Even new viewers of the film are taken aback, even if just a little bit, by the dream sequence ending of the original film in the franchise.

After Alice awakens in the canoe on the lake after killing Mrs. Voorhees, all is peaceful and serene as the police show up at the camp. Alice looks up from the canoe at the policeman shouting at her from the shore when suddenly a muddy and deformed young Jason Voorhees leaps from underneath the lake to grab Alice and pulled her into the water. Audiences truly jumped from their seats in theaters and had to recover shortly thereafter as it was revealed to be just be a dream. Watching the scene today does not have the full impact as it did 35 years ago, but it stands as the most shocking moment in Friday The 13th 1980.

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