New Friday The 13th Writer Viewing List Includes Paramount Classics

Just a few days ago, news broke that writer Nick Antosca was hired on to tackle the script for Platinum Dunes' second film adventure to Crystal Lake. Nick has a ton of great writing and producing credits for hot genre television shows right now, but how has he prepared to write the latest script for the new film?

One of our Forum members, syko2k2, came across Nick's blog where he lists the movies, television shows and books he has "consumed" each month and the past couple of months he has been watching a lot of Friday The 13th films. It could be coincidence that Jason Voorhees was on his watch list prior to March, but it is hardly any surprise that he would watching the franchise in preparation for his writing duties if he was aware of his involvement beforehand. Among other film offerings he has been watching, it is fun to see what franchise films are interesting him the most as it looks like he watched Friday The 13th 1980, Friday The 13th Part 3 and Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 multiple times in as many months.

His December 2014 List
His February 2015 List

Nick has viewed all of the Paramount Friday The 13th films to this point as well as Friday The 13th 2009. Does this show what direction the film is leaning towards in terms of story? Of course not, but it is just interesting to see how one writer may be preparing to tackle a horror franchise as huge as Friday The 13th!