'Friday The 13th: Mother's Day' Fan Film Revamped

Most everyone who reads our website is aware of author Eric Morse's Young Adult Friday The 13th novels released in publication in the mid 1990's. The novels took place after the events of Jason Goes To Hell and varied in the different stories being told. One novel, titled Mother's Day, tells the story of a hunter that finds Jason's hockey mask and becomes possessed with his murderous rage and begins killing off campers nearby. That story was adapted into a fan film back in 2007 by Cory Stevens which gained a lot of praise from the Friday The 13th community.

Eight years later, Corey has revamped the fan film with a new intro and tighter editing to produce the ultimate adaptation of Eric Morse's novel. Below is the new version of the film along with some awesome new retro posters. Let us know what you think of the film. Would you like to see more of the Eric Morse novels adapted to film?

About Mother's Day
Billy Boone and his friends were fearless. Why else would they go camping at Crystal Lake? They had heard all the gruesome stories about Jason. And they knew why Jason wore a hockey mask - Jason had a face only a mother could love. But there are a few things Boone and his friends don't know about Jason. Like whatever happened to his mother's decapitated head? How did his hockey mask get into the hands of a local hunter? And why is the hunter trying to kill every teenager at the camp?

Because it's Mother's Day. And Jason's mom doesn't want flowers or candy...

She wants corpses.

Friday the 13th: Mother's Day - The Final Cut from Autumn's End on Vimeo.
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