Violet's Original Death Scene In 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning'

Most everyone who reads our website or is a fan of the Friday The 13th franchise is aware that the films suffered heavy cuts by the MPAA, especially in the 1980's, as the organization had their sights set on censoring the profitable franchise. One of the films to endure some of the heaviest edits and cuts for the deaths scenes was Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. In the scene we are about discuss, however, the decision was made to cut a death scene before it was ever submitted to the MPAA.

Probably the most boring death in Director Danny Steinmann’s entry in the franchise was the death of Violet. Whereas her friends had been dispatched in a variety of brutal and inventive ways, Violet’s demise came with a simple machete stab to the stomach. However, that was not the originally intended death of the character. In the original scene, while performing the awesome robot dance while listening to Pseudo Echo’s ‘His Eyes’, the imposter Jason slowly entered into Violet's room and crept his way towards her from behind. Sensing a presence, Violet turns around as a machete is thrust violently up between her legs, into her crotch.

The scene would have been shocking, but Danny Steinman decided along with others in the production that the scene probably would not make the cut of the MPAA anyways and scrapped the idea of the death. What fans were delivered was a very bland death, but the scene itself is really tense and exciting.