See Behind The Scenes of John Buechler Creating THE NEW BLOOD Jason Voorhees Costume

It is widely commented by our readers that the Jason Voorhees costume in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood is not only the coolest rendition of the character, but possibly the best looking in the franchise. The look is constantly imitated by cosplayers at film and comic conventions and truly has captured the imaginations of fans. So when it was announced last October that Kane Hodder would be appearing at Mad Mobster convention in Chicago this Friday The 13th dressed in his costume from Part 7, fans understandably got excited.

Since the Jason costume used in the film could not be easily attained for Kane to wear, his Director from Part 7 and special effects wiz John Buechler had to create his infamous Jason look from scratch. Below are some behind the scenes pics of John creating the costume and the classic skeleton look is definitely on display. John has gone all out with creating the facial applications as well as the hockey mask.

If you're interested in getting your photo taken with Kane as Jason Voorhees this Friday The 13th, check out our previous story on the convention event in Chicago and let us know if you're going to get your pic taken with Jason!