See Kane Hodder In Jason Voorhees Costume From Mad Mobster This Past Weekend!

As we reported last October, Kane Hodder donned the famous Jason Voorhees costume and makeup from Friday The 13th part 7: The New Blood this past weekend at Mad Mobster weekend in Chicago, Illinois. From what I have been told, it was a fun event which included Part 7 director John Buechler and lead actress Lar Park Lincoln. Many fans attended the event and paid to have their picture taken with Kane in full costume.

Don Smith was one of those fans and he was gracious enough to share his photo op with us which not only included Kane as Jason Voorhees, but Lar Park Lincoln as well. Talk about a once in a lifetime chance to be included in an image with two iconic figures from the franchise. Don mentioned that he had to pay a little extra for having Lar in the picture with him and Kane, but for a life long fan, it was sure worth it.