NECA To Celebrate 35th Anniversary Of Friday The 13th 1980

For all of the grief that fans and collectors sometimes give toy companies pertaining to the Jason Voorhees figures, I personally have been in awe of the product that NECA has produced over the years for the Friday The 13th franchise. Yes, there is money to be made off of the films, but the one thing that must be appreciated is the time and accuracy that NECA has put into the figures. Saying that, fans should be super excited for news that was posted on NECA's twitter account recently.

According to creative director Randy Faulk, our readers are going to be in for a real treat as it looks as though NECA will be celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Friday The 13th 1980 with some sort of release from that film or possibly another in the franchise. What the figure or figures may be is still not known, but I think we all are hoping for a Crazy Ralph figure. It may not happen, but getting a brand new Mrs. Voorhees figure would be awesome as well.

Hopefully, we will hear some news on this awesome revelation very soon! What do you think NECA will release for the film and what do you hope to see?

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