RIP Workshop Creates Detailed Mrs. Voorhees Severed Head Accessory

We have featured RIP Workshop over the past few years as their custom figure work is some of the best out there in the community right now. Outside of creating 1/6 scale custom head sculpts for Jason Voorhees and hockey masks to fit those sculpts, the artists at one time created a really cool concept Jason called Jason Outbreak. This figure showed a zombie Jason in the vein of the current zombie film and television craze.

Now RIP is putting the finishing touches on a very special accessory for that custom figure, Mrs. Voorhees' severed head. Check out the photos below which use the infamous scene from the opening of Friday The 13th Part 2 as inspiration for the design of this unique head sculpt.

The facial features and hair look very realistic and match what the decomposed head of Pamela looked like in the fridge of the opening of Part 2.