Scarewear Productions Offers Stunning Friday The 13th Part 3 Jason Bust

Scarewear Productions is one of the best replica bust and mask makers in community today. Their attention to detail on not only Jason Voorhees character busts, but other film characters is amazing. Their latest creation will have fans of Friday The 13th Part 3 in awe.

Recently, the company posted an image of their latest Jason creation represented from the third film in the franchise. The photo featured below are prototype paint jobs, but these are close to the final product. The details is amazing and if you have the money to collect in this hobby, this latest incarnations of Part 3 Jason Voorhees may be for you. There will be two versions of the bust for sale; the normal version is limited to 13 pieces and the Bloody version is limited to 8 with a total of 21 busts offered for sale. The price is $800 each, with a $200 down payment as a deposit to save your spot in owning this piece.

If interested, contact Scarewear via Facebook or on their website at