Poll Results: Most Disturbing Death In 'Friday The 13th 2009'

In one of our recent Fan Polls, which will always be found on the right sidebar of our website, we asked our readers What Was The Most Disturbing Death In Friday The 13th 2009? We supplied the choices of Richie (Bear Trap and Machete to head), Amanda (Roasted alive over camp fire), Chewie (Screwdriver to throat), and Trent (Machete through chest, lifted up). Sleeping bag deaths are adored in the Friday The 13th franchise and this film's scene was no different.

Amanda's sleeping bag death won by a landslide accumulating 50.4% of the vote for the top spot of the results. Second place a bit tighter, but Chewie's screwdriver death was the number two vote getter with 18.5% of the votes followed by Richie's death at 17.6% and Trent's death with 13.4% of the votes.

Did your most disturbing death rank where you thought it would in the poll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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