Report: Shock Pop Comicon 35th Anniversary Friday The 13th Reunion

Report By Christopher Ellis

I first found out about Shock Pop ComicCon on Facebook back in July 2014. So reading about it, I found out that is a convention of actors, artists, anime, panel discussions, autograph sessions and one on one with different TV and movie actors. In reading more I found out that they were having a special Friday the 13th 35th anniversary which would be on Friday February 13 2015. It would take place as a special weekend for Shock Pop Comicon that weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So we purchased a weekend pass, figuring this was going to be huge with all the guests and such they would have all weekend. Then the event continued to announce new and different Fan Experiences such as Nightmare on Elm Street guests, a Friday the 13th 1980 reunion, Cosplay, etc. Now for the Friday The 13th event package you received a special limited artist drawn poster from the movie, one autograph from each person on the event listed, a special photo op with all involved with a background, seating for the panel discussions and attending the First Jason concert.

Now on to who was all involved in the Friday The 13th 1980 event........
Sean Cunningham (Producer and Director)
Harry Manfredini (Music)
Robbie Morgan (Annie)
Adrienne King (Alice)
Ron Milkie (Officer Dorf)
Ari Lehman (Jason)

So we arrived to the convention on that Friday about 2pm and checked in. We get our weekend passes, bags of goodies and then....the Friday the 13th VIP fan package holder and special poster. So we enter and here you can see how the layout was.

Now the hours were Friday 2pm-10pm Saturday 10am-8pm Sunday 10am-5 pm So we begin our walk around and look for the scheduling of special Friday event. Here is where we met the alumni from Friday The 13th.

Here is where I had the photos taken along with a special 35th anniversary poster I found on eBay. I paid for those because I wanted to frame that as a special piece for myself. I talked to each alumni about their roles in the movie, how they are doing now, and what they are up to currently. I can tell you that talking to Sean Cunningham, there will be another Friday The 13th but date is all depending on finding a good script. Since Paramount has the rights currently, they are looking at scripts. Once they find that then the project will move forward. Harry Manfredini would love to score it again but he is again waiting on the script.

I also talked to Sean about the Friday the 13th series. No date is set yer for the released, but they are still developing it. It basically will try to deal with different people going to this place and someone will end up missing, or something terrible has happened and they think that this legend could be true about someone at the lake, or is it just the place or perhaps this Jason is for real. No one knows. Harry Manfrefini would do the scores for the TV show as well. So we just all need to wait and be on lookout for it when it comes. I didn't get any firm dates as of yet.

Then here is a group photo of everyone and this is my pride and joy right here!!

Then later on that night we attended the First Jason concert. Awesome 2 man band he had. Here are a few brief photos of him playing. So the Friday event did not disappoint. It was definitely worth the money!! These guys couldn't of been nicer, say to talk with, share their experiences and just all around the best people to be around

Now during this event I happened to get a special photo op of Corey Feldman (Tommy Jarvis from Friday Part 4) and a special photo op of Freddy vs. Jason. (Robert Englund and Ken Kirzinger). Notice the background. I managed to get a photo with Ken Kirzinger (Jason in Freddy vs Jason). Very tall and very nice guy to talk to. If you can see he also attended the First Jason concert.

So in a nutshell this was our experience. I thought Shock Pop Comicon put on a great weekend event. They were so good in communicating with us fans and updating their site as well as schedules for each day. The people in front and behind the scenes were so nice and were happy to be there just like us. To all you fans......if any of you get an opportunity to see anything like this, or if Shock Pop Comicon does another event. I recommend with 5 stars!!
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