Poll Results: Mark's Wheelchair Death Most Shocking Scene

In one of our recent Fan Polls, which will always be found on the right sidebar of our website, we asked our readers Which scene if the most shocking from Friday The 13th Part 2? We supplied five scenarios for our readers to choose from and there was a very tight vote to provide the most shocking scene.

Mark's wheelchair death was voted the number one shocking moment from Friday The 13th Part 2 with 29% of the people choosing his ill-fated scene. Not that far behind were two other moments, as Jason jumping through the window to attack Ginny garnered 24% of the votes for second place and the discovery of Mrs. Voorhees' shrine came in third with 21% of the votes.

Did your favorite scene make it into the Top 3? let us know what you think of the results of the poll and how you think it should have ended up differently.