The First Jason Receives Letter From New Friday The 13th Director

Ari Lehman is a huge favorite of our readers as his interaction with the fans is almost unmatched in person as well as over social media. The first Jason of the Friday The 13th franchise is always gracious and forthcoming about anything regarding the world of Crystal Lake and this weekend, he offered some pretty encouraging news about the new film coming in 2016.

As posted on his Facebook page, Ari mentioned that he was contacted by Friday The 13th 2016 director David Bruckner with a positive letter:

GREAT NEWS CAMPERS!!! I just received a very thoughtful letter from David Bruckner the Director of the New "Friday the 13th" and his words conveyed a vision that makes me certain a superb film is now in the works that will honor the legacy and be fun for all!

It's great to see Bruckner reaching out the alumni of the franchise discussing the new film. Here's to hoping for an old school camp slasher that fans of the films will enjoy for years to come!