Joey B's Diner Filming Location Discovered From 'Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday'

There are a number of filming locations for Jason Goes To Hell as the production moved quickly to establish effects shots and various other locations that helped send Jason To Hell. One of the most used locations in the film and scene of many deaths and a lot of destruction was Joey B's diner.

Up until recently, the diner location had not been uncovered, but thanks to the Movie Locations and More blog, we now know a little bit more about the building that once held the two-for-one hockey mask burger sale. It is located in Thousand Oaks, California and when the building was scouted for being used for the diner, it was not a diner at all, but an abandoned car dealership. Now, it is an auto collision center! The inside of the building has changed drastically, but as you can see from the photos below, the outside is still pretty much the same.

For more photos of this location, make sure to visit the link to the blog mentioned above!