Will New Friday The 13th Make The November 2015 Release Date?

Fans are patiently awaiting casting news and a plot synopsis for the next Friday The 13th film in the franchise, but ever since it was announced the original release date of the 2015 film was moved from March to November, there has been no real concrete information about the next Jason Voorhees film. However, there was a recent conversation with producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form discussing a different approach towards handling the Mrs. Voorhees and Jason dynamic and Paramount officially announced the film would be in 3-D.

Brad was forthcoming in the fact that they still cannot offer what the direction for the next film will be for Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees. The film is due out in 10 months and it seems as though the producers and distributor are still at odds on what to make the next movie about.

UPDATE: Film pushed back to 2016

I am confident that a film will get made at some point, but one has to wonder why Paramount decided on a release date before they even had a story or script approved to go into production? Could Paramount and Platinum Dunes hit their November 13, 2015 release date if they go into production early this Spring? Surely they can, but it would be a very fast paced schedule with casting, filming, editing and marketing happening in a short amount of time. Perhaps fans may have to wait a bit longer than that November date this year to see a new movie, but we have waited six years already, what's another couple of months or year if the release is delayed, right?

Hopefully, we hear something soon about the new film, and when we do, our website will make sure to let our readers know right away!