New Friday The 13th To Have 'More Problematic Relationship With Jason's Mother', R Rating

Just a few days ago we brought news about the Brazilian website Omelete speaking to Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller about Friday The 13th 2015 and the idea of the new film being set during the 1980's. The conversation was in anticipation of their appearance at the Comic Con expo in São Paulo, Brazil on December 4th. The expo has come and gone and the producers elaborated on the 1980's vibe and added new info about Jason's relationship with his mother and the rating of the film.

From The Omelete (Translated)
Have the new Friday the 13th , which opens in 2015 and will not be a reboot or a continuation of the 2009 long, will happen in the 1980s. - according to the producers, to develop all the classic things that mark the Jason universe "We wanted redeem the whole mood of the decade " says Form. For both, however, some things never change in the franchise."Sex, Drugs, always beautiful people dying, these things do not change. And we can develop more problematic relationship [Jason] with the mother. "

Questioned by the public on the rating of the film, they assured to be "R" (17 years in the US) and were categorical: "There is no version of Jason Vorhees in a world PG-13" .

It seems like Platinum Dunes is settling in on a focused direction for the story of the film, so lets see what else develops going into 2015. Thanks to Francesco Falciani for the heads up on the convention update.

Source: The Omelete