Poll Results: Fans Prefer Jason's Death To Be 'Final'

In one of our recent Fan Polls, which will always be found on the right sidebar of our website, we asked our visitors Which Is Your Favorite Death Of Jason Voorhees? The choices were plenty as they ranged from many films in the franchise. We had a feeling that it would be close between The Final Chapter and Part 3, but it was very surprising how wide a margin the winner was.

Jason's death in The Final Chapter was the runaway winner at the top of votes received with 58% while the death of Mr. Voorhees in Part 3 came in a distant second with just 19% of the votes. The rest of the films represented in the poll all registered single digit percentages while Jason's death in Part 2 and Part 8 received zero votes! This was an interesting poll to run to see where fans enjoyed Jason's demise the most and now we know that the machete to the face is the most popular in the franchise.