Platinum Dunes Talk 'Friday The 13th' 2015 And Possible 1980's Setting

We haven't had any real news on the newest entry into the Friday The 13th franchise in quite some time, but thanks to Bloody Disgusting, some interesting info has popped up in regards to the new film. The Brazilian website Omelete spoke to Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller over the phone last week about their appearance at the Comic Con expo in São Paulo, Brazil on December 4th to talk about their upcoming projects and the topic of Friday The 13th was brought up.

During the conversation, the following comments from Brad Fuller were translated:

"There will not be a continuation of the 2009 film nor a remake of . original It's just a different story -. let's talk about this in Brazil if people want in CCXP We love Jason and the franchise Friday the 13th"

The next tidbit of information is interesting as Bloody Disgusting writes that the Omelete was told “the film will likely take place during the 80′s because the producers want to recover the feel of the first film.”. I didn't see that in the translation of the website's story, but we may have missed it somewhere. At any rate, Paramount and Platinum Dunes are taking the next film as a solo proposition and if they are setting it during the 1980's, Friday The 13th 2015 could be a nice piece of retro homage to the franchise.

Look for more on the new Friday The 13th coming soon!