New 'Friday The 13th' Film Release Pushed Back To 2016

As many of our readers probably surmised over the last few months, Paramount was going to have a rough time getting the new Friday The 13th film out into theaters by November 13, 2015. Paramount is in total agreement as they have bumped the new film back to May 13, 2016. This is pretty disappointing to a lot of fans that have been waiting patiently (and many impatiently) for a new film to make it's way to cinemas.

UPDATE: Deadline reports the writers working on the script for the new film are Richard Naing and Ian Goldberg.

So, why the delay? Paramount is using their low budget distribution arm Insurge to release the film and they are working hard with Platinum Dunes and director David Bruckner to develop a script that fans will hopefully enjoy. In terms of a script, many of our readers are wondering if such a thing exists. We have been told that there is a developing script and yes, Found Footage is the focus of the upcoming film in the franchise.

Stay tuned for more info on this developing story and the continuing saga of fans finally getting the thirteenth film in the franchise.