Fan Fiction Story Ties Young Roy Burns To The Voorhees Family, Camp Crystal Lake

Our readers will sometimes admit that fan stories pertaining to the Friday The 13th franchise and the canon that is created is far more superior than a number of the stories actually presented in the films. Such is this case, in my opinion, with a new short story written by C.D. Carter.

His story, titled For Want Of A Mother is a fascinating look at a young Roy Burns (the pseudo killer from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning) and his time one Summer at Camp Crystal Lake. The story thrusts him into a situation of bullying from counselors while attending the camp at the same time with the young mongoloid Jason Voorhees and his mother Pamela. Of course, when you three killers in one story, all will not end well for the camp counselors.

The story serves not only as a back-story for a young Roy Burns which shows his quiet demeanor and loner status in society, but it also sets up a nice little prequel story for the Voorhees family. The seeds of Roy's murderous rage are planted at an early age by both Mrs. Voorhees and Jason and will eventually lead to him avenging his son Joey's death in the 5th film in the Friday The 13th franchise. If you're into fan fiction and exploring the origins of characters in the franchise, then check out the story by C.D. Carter by viewing or downloading it from the link below.

For Want Of A Mother

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