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This entry is one step towards stabbing a man, one giant decapitation to all mankind.

Crystal Lake is no longer the sleepy little community we once knew, as the place now has a freaking military-grade research facility. If Crazy Ralph were still alive, he probably would have been secretary/assistant.

Worker: Hey, Ralph, how's the coffee this morning?
Ralph: The coffee's got a death curse!
Worker:...*sigh* again? Are the doughnuts doomed too?
Ralph: Yes!....except the Fritters. They're OK.

Anyway, Jason Voorhees has been captured, and after many failed execution attempts, they've decided to put him in cryo-freeze. However, before all of that can go down, the military steps in and wants to take Jason away for testing in order to figure out how he's able to regenerate lost & damaged tissue. Rowan, the woman who was in charge of the whole operation until the military stepped in, laments about the idea of people doing anything with Jason besides freezing him. The Sergeant says that his team can handle Voorhees, should anything not go as planned.

Once the team gets to where Jason's being held, they quickly find out he's no longer being restrained due to the fact he's taking out people left and right. Including hitting a guy with a gun. Which I love, because it means you know if he were to get ahold of an airplane, he'd just drive it down the street. Anyway, he takes out the entire team before Rowan is able to out smart him and get him into the cryo-chamber. However, Jason knows it ain't over till it's over, and rams his machete through the front of the pod into Rowan's abdomen. This of course causes a rupture in the pod, and the room is locked down.

Almost 450 years later, a class is on a field trip and finds the room with Jason & Rowan. The fantastic thing here is that no one bothered to look for these two after their incident. I mean, an entire military team was killed, and arguably the world's most well known & vicious serial killer vanished. Were the people who owned this research facility the laziest people on Earth?

Owner 1: Say, how'd the freezing of Jason Voorhees go?
Owner 2: Oh, it went down without a hitch.
Owner 1: Yeah, you heard back?
Owner 2: No, not at all. Matter of fact, quite a few military people were found killed, and both our research engineer Rowan and Jason Voorhees vanished. I just assume everything went fine. Now, let's never bother opening the door that sealed due to a leak in our equipment room that costs upwards of $500 million dollars.
Owner 1: Sounds good to me!

So, the class heads back to their ship with Rowan & Jason, and end up bringing Rowan back to life. The Professor who's been escorting the class, Lowe, learns that Jason could be worth quite a pretty penny, and wants to cash in on it big time. Meanwhile, Jason is being experimented on, when all hell breaks loose. See, elsewhere on the ship, a couple of students are getting amorous together. The second someone touches some boobie, BAM! It's go time for Jason. He's up, and he's pissed. He promptly shoves a woman's face into liquid nitrogen and smashes it into pieces like a frozen Charleston Chew, instantly creating my all time favorite kill of the franchise.

At this point, the newly reanimated Rowan is rather freaked out to learn that Jason is still on board, and these people are being lax about it. Me, personally, I'd be really pissed before I worried about Jason. Like, what the hell?! Why didn't anyone come and find me? Ah man, my DVR! I bought like, 10 digital movies, and now they're gone! This sucks.

Well, they soon realize Jason is alive and well, and send the ship's military team to deal with him. Just as with Godzilla, the military is pretty much useless against Jason. He dispatches them through various means such as neck-breaking, throat-slashing, and throwing someone on a giant cork-screw. When all seems hopeless, KM-14, an android, arms up and takes Jason out with multiple rounds, flips, side-kicks, and finally grenades. She literally blows him to pieces, and everyone is at ease. However, with Jason Voorhees, things are never that simple. The nano-technology robots that are able to heal wounds in a jiff and bring people back to life, set to work on Jason. The end result is Uber-Jason, a fantastic representation of what makes this franchise so much damn fun.

He's like a cyborg version of Jason Voorhees. Beyond that, he's angrier than ever, and is out to kill any & all things living, and probably even try to kill some things that aren't living. He tears after the remaining members, making pretty short work of all of them, including surviving a massive explosion. Soon after, we get one of the most memorable scenes in the franchise's history as Jason is put in a virtual reality simulator used to distract him. They recreate Camp Crystal Lake from it's glory days, with campers included.

Their rampant drug use and want for sex before marriage results in Jason beating one of them with the other. I saw this film in theaters, and that scene caused one of the loudest reactions I've ever heard. It was great.
The very few remaining members escape on a rescue ship as the main ship explodes, sending Jason and Braski, who's in a sweet space suit, out into the open. Naturally, Jason is looking for some payback, but Braski just hops on his back and rides him into the atmosphere of Earth 2, where they crash into a lake.

Slasher Movie Tally:
Killed: 10
Swear Words: 26
Boobies: 6
Slow Motion Scenes: 2
Foot Chase: 2
Fake-Out Scares: 1
Car/Vehicle Stall: 1
Drugs/Drinking/Sex: Instances of all 3
Warned But No Belief: Yes

Now, I know you're thinking that there's a hell of a lot more deaths in this film than 10, and you're right. However, in the beginning, it doesn't really appear that Jason kills the military team. I'm sure he does, but he merely hits them with things and what have you, it's not definitive. Also, for a death to count on the tally, it has to happen on screen.

Top 3 Deaths
Chiropractic By Jason: During a fight simulation in the Danger Room with Dallas & Azrael, Jason shows up to ruin the fun. Jason is around 6ft, 250lbs of pure zombie rage & muscle, so naturally Azrael feels that his 5”8 frame that packs an astonishing 110lbs is more than capable of dealing with him. He leaps on his back, and like swatting a bug, Jason spins him around and snaps his back like it were a muscle-memory reflex. Simple & effective.

You're Cork-Screwed:
While Jason is taking on the soldiers, there's one he gives some special attention to. For others he would merely snap a neck, or slash a throat, but this time around Jason felt it was time to earn some style points. After the guy tries to stand his ground with Jason, he's picked up and hoisted over a rail where he lands back first on this giant cork-screw, impaling him. It's not enough he has to get this grisly death, but the man then continues to spin down the cork-screw until he reaches the bottom in a bloody, lifeless heap.

Brain-Freeze: Of course this one is going to make the list. It's an absolutely genius kill, and the one thing I think of most when Jason X comes to mind. It's a pitch perfect example of all the things worthwhile about the franchise, and why we die-hard fans have so much fun with it. Screw Mythbusters, because this shit would work.

Things You Need To Know In Order to Survive:

The virtual reality scene was originally suppose to mean more to the story than just a laugh. At one point they were going to conjure up an image of Jason's mother, in order to talk him down. However, Jason had gone through such a change and become so enraged that he was going to mow her down. I think that would have been a brilliant moment, as a fan I would have honestly thought “oh shit, they're beyond screwed”. I'm sure a brilliant exec at New Line probably said that nobody would get it.

Todd Farmer, the screenwriter, has a small part in the film as the character Dallas. He's the bald guy who fights in the Danger Room. His death is getting his face smashed into the wall repeatedly, which actually resulted in his stunt double receiving a broken nose.

Speaking of cameos, the doctor's reflection we see in Jason's eye as the opening credits end is director James Isaac. Sadly, he would pass away in 2012 from Multiple Myeloma.

There's multiple close-ups of Jason's eye/eyes in this film, to which Kane Hodder made the conscience choice to never blink.

Mythbusters did an episode where they attempted to recreate the brain freeze kill. They say it couldn't happen, but I say hogwash. First of all, Jason has supernatural strength, plus, we don't know how powerful liquid-nitrogen is gonna be in 450 years! Here's a throw back article about it on Friday The 13th Franchise.

Jason X has 5 books that are set in the canon of the film: Jason X, Jason X: The Experiment, Jason X: Planet of the Beast, Jason X: Blood Moon, Jason X: To The Third Power.

Along with the books, there are also two comic books. A one shot deal that serves as a sequel to the film, and one that I'm going to have to track down because it sounds awesome: Jason vs Jason X, in which classic Jason takes on Uber-Jason.

Box-Office Business:
Released by New Line Cinemas on April 26th, 2002, to 1,878 theaters on a budget of $11 million. Jason X debuted at #3 with an opening weekend total of $6,649,006, averaging $3,450 per theater. After it's 5 week run, Jason X brought in a grand total of $16,951,798.

Final Rating:
Jason X seems to share the same company as A New Beginning and Jason Goes To Hell, as an entry that a lot of fans of the franchise can't stand. When it comes to horror, space is often called the place that horror films go to die. Myself? I think this entry is a lot of fun. Hell, I saw this in theaters with a bunch of friends who weren't fans of the franchise and they had an absolute blast. Sure, there are a few things to dislike, such as all the bright colors, lack of elaborate deaths with fantastic special effects, and Jason with hair, but those all small cons compared to the pros. Jason kills a ton of people, he looks great, there's some decent humor, and best of all: Uber-Jason. This was a brilliant idea that helped set this film apart from it's predecessors, as well as showcase just why this franchise is just so much fucking fun. Like everyone of you, I would have liked to have seen Todd Farmer's much darker version of Jason X, but I'm proud of the one we have, and have no problem letting people know I'm a fan.

**** Head Butts out of 5

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