Paramount To Make Found Footage Style Film In 3-D For New Friday The 13th?

The new Friday The 13th film is slated to arrive in just about a year from now on November 13, 2015, and so far we know that Platinum Dunes is producing for Paramount Pictures and David Bruckner will be directing. Outside of that, nothing official has been announced outside of the film being filmed in 3-D. That bit of news seemingly put the brakes on any Found Footage style film featuring Jason Voorhees or anything happening at Crystal Lake. What if, however, the 2015 film was not only 3-D, but also Found Footage?

That's the surprising information that was dropped this past Halloween on the Meet The Movie Press show which featured film reporter Jeff Schneider (The Wrap), Mark Reilly (Schmoes Knows) and Ryan Turek (Shock Till You Drop). The trio discussed the state of the Horror genre as well as the endless remakes and prequels that have hit Hollywood of late. Of course, the conversation turned to Friday The 13th 2015 for which The Wrap's Schneider emphatically reiterated that the new film is definitely happening next year and that Paramount is currently testing how to do a Found Footage 3-D film!

So there is another little wrinkle thrown into the mix for the new film. We know that a majority of our readers will not like this at all, but it's still very possible that this filming style combination may never happen. However, now you know that Paramount is at least trying to see if it will work.

Watch the whole Meet The Movie Press show below and find out more about the goings on in the Horror realm.

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