Jason X Smashed By Mythbusters

One of most infamous kills in the Friday the 13th franchise is that of the liguid nitrogen head smash in New Line Cinema's 2002 film Jason X. Discovery Channel's Mythbuster show decided last October to try and either validify or dismiss the notion that something like a human head could be dipped in liquid nitrogen and actually be smashed to pieces as shown in the Jason Voorhees space romp. Did the show prove that one of Jason's more jow dropping kills is possible?

The results can be witnessed by watching the episode below. I'm not going to ruin the results for those people that have not viewed the show yet. I am happy to say that no human heads were injured during the making of this show.

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  1. Crystal Lake SlasherDecember 23, 2010 at 6:24 AM

    That was an awesome video. Too bad Jason couldn't really shatter someone's head like that. Damn mythbusters. ;)


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