Grindhouse Friday The 13th Posters Feature Retro Look At Films

It's safe to say that our readers are always looking for unique collectibles for the films in the franchise and usually retro posters are of the most interest. There has been a number of high quality fan made posters created over the years that represent other older films from the 1980's and today we have a new batch of these type of posters to share with everyone.

To be up front, these posters have been floating around the web for around a year now and some of your readers may have seen them on Facebook to message forum, but most people don't know where they originate from. Artist Whitey Mack created these Grindhouse style Friday The 13th posters and they really do capture that old school feel of the films from 30 years ago. After looking at the posters below, you might wonder if you can purchase these to decorate your room, and the answer to that would be yes.

These 11 x 17 designs can be purchased for $6.95 and are printed on heavy and thick card stock paper.

Buy Friday The 13th Part 2 Poster
Buy Friday The 13th:  The Final Chapter Poster
Buy Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Poster

These are fun posters and would be great to own. Which poster is your favorite and the one you would hang up in your home?