New Freddy vs Jason Nintendo Game.. Sort Of

The 8-bit Nintendo renaissance continues onward as fans cannot get enough of the retro revolution and what better to get the next step of the evolution of the pixelated Jason Voorhees than to pit him against Freddy Kreuger?! Well, thanks to, they have found one fan that took it upon himself to use the oft maligned Friday The 13th Nintendo game and change the camp counselor to Freddy tracking down the Crystal Lake slasher to fight to the bitter end.

Flashback Entertainment is now offering up the game cartridge for sale for $40 which can be used on the actual Nintendo 8-bit console. Below is a game play video showing exactly was you have to look forward to in the epic clash of the horror villains!

This game is brought to you by our close friend Pac-N-Sac Dave. This is a hack of Friday the 13th.  But instead of being a counselor saving your kiddies you are Freddy Krueger hunting down Jason and slaughtering camp counselors along the way.