Poll Results: Ginny Field Clear Fan Favorite Heroine Of Franchise

Last week we kicked off our second Fan Poll on the website which will always be found on the right sidebar of our website. The poll asked our visitors What's Your Favorite Heroine Of First 5 Films? Of course, the choices were Alice Hardy (1980), Ginny Field (Part 2), Chris Higgins (Part 3), Trish Jarvis (The Final Chapter), and Pam Roberts (A New Beginning). We knew that many fans adore the Ginny and Chris characters, but we were surprised by how much of a wide margin the number one vote getter won by.

The Ginny Field character was the winner at the top of votes received with 44%, while Chris Higgins came in second with just 24% of the votes, just inching ahead of Trish Jarvis who gained 22% of the votes. Alice Hardy and Pam Roberts rounded out the poll by receiving 7% and 3% respectively. This was an interesting poll to run to see where fans stood with respect for their love of the original Final Girls of the franchise.