Top 5 Outrageous Characters Of The Friday The 13th Films

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have decided to put together our Top 5 Outrageous characters in the Friday The 13th franchise! This list consists of characters that we believe to be the most eccentric and insane people to reside in Crystal Lake. With so many characters that have appeared in the franchise, it was a hard list to put together, so our readers may or may not agree with our rankings. Read on and see if we found characters that would fit into your outrageous character list.

5. Joey B. (Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday)

Surprisingly, Jason Goes To Hell features a number of outrageous characters that are fun and quirky and that makes for an entertaining journey watching Jason Voorhees be reborn. There is, however, one character that truly stands out as outrageous in the film and that is the wise cracking diner owner, Joey B. The character was originally written to be male, but when actress Rusty Schwimmer auditioned for the film, producers decided to make Joey B female, and the rest is history.

Her inability to form sentences without using swear words and idea for hockey mask hamburgers are just a few reasons why she lands at number five on our list, but her final hurrah of screaming at the Jason possessed Robert and finally being shut up by having her face impaled inward is simply gruesome fun that cannot be ignored.

4. Junior Hubbard (Friday The 13th: A New Beginning)

Let's be honest, we could probably fill this entire Top 5 list with characters from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. The film is chalk full of so many dysfunctional and insane people, that ol' Roy Burns looks pretty normal in comparison. With that being said, the scene stealing antics of Junior and his mother Ethel Hubbard are part of Friday The 13th franchise legend. We strongly considered combining the mother/son duo into one slot on this list, but each deserves their own merit.

From taking multiple verbal assaults from this mother, to antagonizing Tommy Jarvis into pummeling him almost to death, Junior was indeed a walking punch line. However, it is his final scene where he goes on a motorcycle tirade around his farm, asking his mom to "chop 'em up, and kill 'em" that solidifies himself at number four on our list.

3. Crazy Ralph (Friday The 13th 1980, Part 2)

Well, his name does say it all, right? Ralph is truly one of the backbone elements of the franchise as his character helped lay the groundwork for how to set an unsettling journey into Horror. Not only does Ralph scare every single person he encounters by touting curses and death for everyone, but he does it in such a way that people believe he is crazy enough to perhaps kill people himself.

The eeriest scene Ralph is involved in takes place at Camp Crystal Lake in Friday The 13th 1980 when Alice opens the pantry door to find Ralph staring at her. The way he delivers the line "God, sent me" is chilling and frightening and is just one reason why Crazy Ralph is number three on our list.

2. Mrs. Voorhees (Friday The 13th 1980)

Some might question, is she really outrageous? Well, lets see. She kills people in brutal ways all the while she is talking to herself in her dead son's voice saying, "Kill her, mommy. Kill her". Pretty sure that counts as outrageous, as well as insane, mentally unstable, and so on and so forth. Mrs. Voorhees is indeed out of her mind in Friday The 13th 1980, with the ability to switch moods and emotions in a single second.

While she tells the moving story of her son drowning to a distraught Alice Hardy, she quickly turns from a sympathetic character to one of deceit and lunacy. Her outrageous persona is put on display with no better example than when chasing Alice Hardy while she talks like her son and slaps the Final Girl with a devilish grin on her face.

1. Ethel Hubbard (Friday The 13th: A New Beginning)

For our number one outrageous character, we may draw ire from our readers, but we have to face facts here, every single time Ethel has screen time in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning she makes the film entertaining. Her character has no input into the actual plot of A New Beginning, yet she is one of the best parts of the film, spewing rancid lines at everyone involved in the retread whodunit romp.

You can try and pick which scenes that Ethel is involved that is better, but the one moment that stands out is when she confronts Sheriff Tucker about the kids having sex on her property. It shows how completely insane she really is, claiming to have a bomb on her and threatening to blow everyone's heads off with her gun. Her scene stealing rants with her son Junior are why Ethel is our number one outrageous character in the franchise!
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