Die At The Hands Of Jason Or Alice Hardy In Quiz From The NYFA

Halloween is the time of year that most everyone celebrates the darker side of life, which normally takes the back seat to the usual every day grind of work and school. For Horror fans, Halloween represents their very own Christmas holiday, and as such, many projects are put into effect to help in the celebration of the Festival of Samhain. In that spirit, the New York Film Academy has created a fun game that will help lead you down a specific path to your own customized demise.

You can find the quiz below, which depending on the answers you give, can direct you to a number of different death scenarios. One such path could land you in the iconic double impalement from Friday The 13th Part 2, or a nice beheading at the hands of Alice Hardy from Friday The 13th 1980. Scared to to see where you might end up? Take the quiz and let us know where you wound up on the cutting room floor by telling us in the comment section below!

If you like the quiz, make sure to check out the cool infographic the NYFA created for the Top 10 Darkest Characters in film.

Learn how you will die in a horror movie

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