Pineapple Boy Films And Friends Present: A Time-lapse Video Of A Friday The 13th Marathon

It's a pretty safe bet to assume that a majority of our readers have sat through and endured a twelve film Friday The 13th marathon at some point within the last few years. For those of you that have actually completed the task, it is not something so easily accomplished. The glaring weaknesses of the franchise definitely show through as the hours and movies pass by. However, if you can get a group of friends together that can stay the course with you for a majority of the marathon, it can be pretty enjoyable. Well, that's what Jake Jarvi from Pineapple Boy Films and his friends did recently, and it's pretty entertaining.

What they have done is created a time lapse of the twenty hour marathon where you can not only see their reactions to the films during certain scenes, but viewers will also get a nice mini review of each film after they are done showing. It was a lot of fun to see the reactions of Jake and everyone involved during certain scenes. It reminded me of when I watched the Friday The 13th films for the first time. The marathon started with five people, went down to 3 after the first three films, then went down to 2 people after Jason Takes Manhattan, and then Jake had to take on the final three films in the franchise on his own to finish out the day.

Please watch the time-lapse video of the marathon below. The video lasts about 43 minutes, and if you like what the group has done here, visit their other marathons for the Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street franchises!

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