Retro Fisher Price: 'Adventure People Killers' With Jason Voorhees And Victim

Phil Postma has been creating illustrated characters for animated shows for many years. He definitely is a very talented artist and also has a strong affinity for classic tot lines. So, it should be no surprise that he has resurrected the Fisher Price Adventure People line to showcase some of film's most iconic and demented slasher icons.

The Adventure People line was released in stores for about a decade between the mid 1970's and mid 1980's and now Jason Voorhees gets the treatment as well as a camp counselor that is his would-be victim. The illustration on the packaging shown below is excellent and the retro K-mart price stickers are also a very nice touch. There is a huge market for these retro toy lines being inspired by Horror film characters, which NECA and Funko have taken full advantage of recently.

Check out more of Phil's work at his Minion Factory blog where you can see Freddy, Michael Myers and Leatherface inspired toys from this line as well!