Rumor: New Friday The 13th Film And Television Show Tied Together?

It has indeed been quiet on the news front for both the new television show and film for the Friday The 13th franchise. There hasn't been anything mentioned at all about the show since May 2014 and the film has had some small pieces of information discussed by Brad Fuller back in early August and July. With that being said, nothing concrete has been officially announced about the direction of either projects. Speculation on what the show and film will truly be about has been rampant for many months, but we have had our own theory that these two projects might actually be intertwined. So this writer was gleefully entertained when our site was dropped a tip about a conversation a fan had with Sean Cunningham a few weeks back at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear.

Usually, our site tries to refrain from posting a lot of rumors, but we were informed by a pretty trustworthy source that when Sean Cunningham was asked at the convention about the status of the new show and film, he responded that the "film is in full pre-production to be released in theaters in 2015 and that the film will lead into the television show"! Of course, this put a smile on our collective faces, but it in no way is any kind of official confirmation the film and show are joined together as we were not able to ask the questions directly. If we tried to ask, Crystal Lake Entertainment would probably deny it's truth anyways.

It is possible that Sean Cunningham meant production of the film would lead into the production of the show? Who knows, but this is something to keep in mind as we move along with these two projects. Personally, I think it would be cool to see ideas presented in a new film incorporated into the television show, much like Marvel did with Captain America 2 and the Agents Of Shield show.

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