'Revenge' Friday The 13th Fan Film Trailer Hits Web

Friday The 13th: The Revenge was a popular fan film that was loaded online back in 2005 and quickly spread among message boards for which it gained a certain cult status and is still one of a very few fan films about Jason Voorhees that contains a feature length run time. The film's director admitted years later, however, that it was a bit rough around the edges and the film quality was below the standards that we see today in fan films. With an actual film company started, and more film production experience under his belt, Josh Brown and his 3B Entertainment have decided to go back and clean up the existing film while adding new scenes to spice up the overall action.

The film itself has been retitled and is now simply called Revenge. The film is meant to be a bridge between the story of Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes To Hell, for which we see how Jason returns to Crystal Lake from Manhattan. The new remastered fan film is due to be released online in October, but you can take a look at a new trailer for the fan film below. Look for more about Revenge in the coming weeks.

Check out the Facebook page for the fan film as well for more about the production and release next month.