Behind The Scenes: Jason, Martin The Caretaker, And Kathleen

Martin the caretaker is one character that seemingly looks and sounds like a Prophet of Doom within the Friday The 13th film franchise, but really does not function in that role. Originally, the character was conceived as a buffer for the graves of Mrs. Voorhees and Jason between the audience and Jason's father Mr. Voorhees. Our story from a few years ago outlines the original ending of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 and Martin's involvement with Mr. Voorhees.

When the Jason Lives went into production, the original ending was dropped. Later, after filming commenced, producers wanted to add more death scenes into the movie and Martin was inserted into the movie once again for a memorable death scene along with two anonymous characters in the woods. Below, is a photo taken on set during the filming of Martin's death scene and his companion Kathleen.

This scene is one of the more memorable in the franchise for this writer and just another reason fans adore this film so much. "Kathleen, you led me astray. You're gonna be the death of me... but what a way to go."