Witness A Few Rare Friday the 13th Film Lobby Cards

Those that have read my previous stories on memorabilia are very aware of the various Lobby Cards that were created for the Friday the 13th series. Lobby Cards were created to promote films that were being released in theatres. Some theatre owners would simply place these on tables in the lobby or hang them in poster cases. Lobby Cards eventually were phased out in the United States and were not used once the late 1980's arrived. However, other countries outside the U.S. continued to produce the cards and utilized images that were more rare or unseen in normal print publication.

Below are some of the more rare Lobby Cards that were produced internationally. The first card is a Spanish card from Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood that uses the phrase Martes 13, which is one of two ways that Friday The 13th can be noted in in the language. The second card is a French Lobby Card for Friday The 13th : A New Beginning. This is the only instance of this image used in any Lobby Card sets, internationally or in the United States, that were produced.