Lobby Card Of The Day: Spanish Part 8; Julius And The Phone Booth

Today we continue with our Lobby Card series by featuring one card from Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. As we mentioned previously with another Spanish Lobby Card, the phrase Martes 13 appears on this promotional material, which of course is Tuesday the 13th in Spanish and not Friday the 13th.

The scene depicted below is one of many infamous scenes from Jason Takes Manhattan and one of which actor V.C. Dupree (Julius) was injured in. If you read our interview with V.C., one of the many interesting things you would have learned was that he badly cut his hands on candy glass that was not broken properly during the shot of Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees) punching through the window of the phone booth.

Luckily Mr. Dupree was able to get his hands bandaged up and move onto his 1 Round boxing match with Jason for one final confrontation! One last interesting thing of note is that of the title of the film on the Lobby Card. It reads Jason Invade New York. It is only mentioned as this would have actually been a better subtitle if Jason had indeed invaded New York for more than 10 minutes!