Friday The 13th 1980 Casting Director Barry Moss Passes Away At 74

We have sad news to report to everyone as we have learned that one of the people most responsible for helping bring the cast together for the original Friday The 13th has passed away at the age of 74. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Barry died of congestive heart failure a few weeks ago on June 17 at Mount Sinai/Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan, following a long fight with the illness.

This is indeed sad to find out about as Barry just appeared in a brand new interview on Crystal Lake Memories last year and was also so instrumental in bringing together the young and talented cast that would help catapult the original Friday The 13th film into mainstream success. For those that are not aware, Barry was a very successful Casting Director on Broadway in the New York acting scene and used his involvement in that arena to find the likes of Adrienne King (Alice Hardy) and Jeannine Taylor (Marcie Cunningham) for Director Sean Cunningham to begin production on the original camp slasher.

Plans for a memorial service are under way and will be announced in the immediate future. Thank you Barry for helping create such a long lasting and memorable film that was a backbone for the Friday The 13th franchise.

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