Friday The 13th 1980 Production Report Reveals 1st Day Shoot

There were a lot of Friday the 13th fans that patiently waited for the Enhanced Edition Crystal Lake Memories eBook to be released on Kindle and iBook back in 2012. We were fortunate to be able to read through the Enhanced version of the eBook before its release and we knew every single Friday the 13th fan would be happy with the new information and images that were provided. Which leads us to this awesome little piece if history.

Within the section for the original 1980 film, the publisher has provided the original 32 pages Production Report which details each days shooting schedule. In the past, we have detailed Call Sheets which are in essence giving you the same information, so you can look at these sheets in a similar fashion. It's only fair that fans purchase the eBook to see all of the Production Report sheets, but we thought everyone would like to get a glimpse at what the first day of filming brought for the crew of the indie Horror sensation.

The first shooting day was Tuesday September 4, 1979 and some of the very first scenes captured by the camera look to be where Jack, Marcy and Ned are driving up to camp and then entering by the now famous Camp Crystal Lake sign!

Source: Crystal Lake Memories