Custom Jason Voorhees, Hockey Masks by The Devils Latex

As fans of any slasher franchise, collectors indulge in all things related to their masked killer from action figures to snow-globes, lunch boxes to t-shirts, bobble-heads to movie posters, and all other imaginable likelihoods.  Perhaps the biggest decision for a fan or collector though is how to select the best or most screen accurate recreation of your favourite slasher’s iconic mask, the one “must own” piece of any franchise fanatic’s showroom. 

Mask options vary in both quality and price range.  Officially licensed masks are typically available for most screen killers, however it seems that the quality of the licenced products is often on the lower side as they are commonly mass production and available at a reasonable price around the Halloween season.  The goal here is to move as many of the product as possible to maximize profit; quantity over quality.

For this reason, serious collectors commonly find themselves looking to the custom made market, where masks, head displays and hoods are hand made with fine attention paid to each detail by artists who are often equally as passionate about the films.  Casts being hand sculpted and painted, these products can also range in price with some outlets not listing below a few hundred dollars for even the simplest creation. 
The Devil's Latex is one such creator of custom made keep-sakes.  Based out of Ontario Canada, The Devil's Latex offers a wide arrange of jaw dropping pieces that will look strikingly familiar to Friday fans.  Proprietor and main artist Steve Bellamy has been creating these handmade works of art for the past five years out of his Caldedon workshop, averaging up to ten masks daily after these years of practice and perfecting his craft.  Invited to witness the process, Steve hand pours, sculpts, airbrushes, paints, threads, and stylizes each creation with time and care ensuring the highest accuracy of each version.

The Devil's Latex' creations may look familiar to regular convention attenders, especially those in Ontario as they annually display arguably the most eye catching table at such events as the Toronto Fan Expo and Niagara Falls Comic Con.  Friday fans will see familiar faces such as Kane Hodder and Derek Mears posing with displays on their Instagram site.  Interestingly though, Bellamy reports the majority of sales come from the United States and Europe with Canadian buyers only representing approximately one percent of sales, and that the most amount of interest is generated through the workshop’s websiteFacebook page and Instagram account. 
Price for products is reflective of the time it takes to create them, with some products being listed at under a hundred dollars and higher end displays such as the full upper body sculpts obviously going for more.  Comparably, the prices are both reasonable and preferable to other relatable custom product sites.  The workshop's Facebook page, with equally stunning photos and insights into upcoming creations, will frequently list sales that cannot be ignored making it very worthwhile to follow.

So what exactly does The Devil's Latex offer?  For starters, there are the hand painted Hockey Masks.  With durability coming from high quality .90 ABS plastic, these replicas are guaranteed to not crack or break and can be both worn or used as display props available with the option of leather or plastic straps.  Each chapter is represented, with original creations and variances also listed. 
Version 4

Next up are hoods which further the effect of the masks by providing the full character likeness.  Cast in high quality latex, the hoods are of medium thickness so that they can be worn comfortably without restricting sight or hearing and also help to enhance the effect of display.  Even more effective for show rooms are the display masks; full headed recreations specifically meant for display which are exemplified by the combination of its matching hockey mask!

Impressive latex masks are available for each incantation of the character as well as several other familiar faces.  These high quality masks are meant for display but are also available with slitted backs by request if wished to be worn.  Most impressive are the full silicone sculptures.  Full upper body recreations are so finely detailed from every scar and marking to protruding spinal cords and cannot help but be the focal point in any collector’s room of treasures. 

The Devil's Latex is hard to beat when it comes to high quality and fan satisfying offerings of many genre staples.  Even more exciting than what is already available is what is being teased as soon to come.  Some hints include a fully detailed Evil Ginger doll with a deluxe version being animatronic, a certain female doll from last year’s biggest horror hit with her own spinoff on its way, and even everyone’s favourite spinning headed possessed girl!  As a collector and admirer of the craft, a higher recommendation to check out the studio’s work cannot be made. 

  Check out all the awesomeness and pick out your very own custom made collectable at their website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.